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About GTTP New Zealand

Go with Tourism is a government-funded initiative designed to build New Zealand’s Tourism & Hospitality workforce.

Go with Tourism is proud to offer GTTP partners, educator and students the opportunity to access and utilise its range of resources, interactive activities and initiatives, aimed at unravelling negative industry perceptions and encouraging students and jobseekers into Tourism & Hospitality.

Go with Tourism
is most commonly known for its game-changing, match-making Job Connector, designed to connect Job Seekers and industry employers. Other tools available to GTTP users include:

  • Knowledge Hub: a range of articles aimed at Industry, Educators/Students and Jobseekers

  • Right Fit Quiz: an interactive personality quiz, designed to help find out what role you could be well suited to in the Tourism industry
  • World of Tourism: an interactive career tool enabling users to easily explore the endless pathways available in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Work Experience Placement Finder
  • YouTube Channel: showcasing a variety of interviews, advice and information from a range of NZ and international industry professionals
  • The Itinerary webseries: two seasons of industry experts, interviews and panel discussions about topics related to global and domestic Tourism.